Brief Profile


  • Conception, construction and operation of easily accessible nature experience facilities (such as treetop walks)
  • Conception, construction and operation of natural forest playgrounds integrated in the forest (Adventure Forest)
  • Complementary services such as restaurants and merchandise shops
  • Seminars, events, team training

Visitor number

2,4 million visitors in 2022 (including all holding companies)

Current operating facilities

5 treetop walks in Germany

2 treetop walks in Czech Republic (joint ventures)

1 treetop walk in Slovakia (joint venture)

1 treetop walk in Austria

1 treetop walk in Slovenia (joint venture)

1 treetop walk in France

1 treetop walk in Ireland (joint venture)

1 treetop walk in Canada

2 Adventure Forests in Germany

1 Forest Kingdom in Slovakia

1 Adventure Forest in France

Target group

People of all ages

Business orientation

Exceptional nature experiences in harmony with economy and ecology and to contribute to the sustainable development of the biosphere.


By following a clear growth strategy, becoming Europe’s leading provider of nature experience facilities

Employees 2022

261 (full-time equitant)

Turnover 2021

22,4 Mio. €

EBIT 2021

0,2 Mio. €


Erlebnis Akademie AG
Hafenberg 4
93444 Bad Kötzting
Bayerischer Wald

T +49 9941 / 90 84 84-0
F +49 9941 / 90 84 84-84


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