Brief Profile


  • Conception, construction and operation of easily accessible nature experience facilities (such as treetop walks)
  • Conception, construction and operation of natural forest playgrounds integrated in the forest (Adventure Forest)
  • Complementary services such as restaurants and merchandise shops
  • Seminars, events, team training

Visitor number

1,75 million visitors in 2021 (including all holding companies)

Current operating facilities

5 treetop walks in Germany (Opening on Usedom: June 2021)

2 treetop walks in Czech Republic (joint venture, opening Krkonoše: July 2017)

1 treetop walk in Slovakia (joint venture, opening: September 2017)

1 treetop walk in Austria (opening: July 2018)

1 treetop walk in Slovenia (joint venture, opening: September 2019)

1 treetop walk in France (Opening: June 2021)

1 treetop walk in Ireland (joint venture, opening: June 2022)

1 treetop walk in Canada (opening: July 2022)

2 Adventure Forests in Germany

1 Forest Kingdom in Slovakia

1 Adventure Fores in France

Target group

People of all ages

Business orientation

Exceptional nature experiences in harmony with economy and ecology


By following a clear growth strategy, becoming Europe’s leading provider of nature experience facilities

Employees 2021

196 (full-time equitant)

Turnover 2021

14,6 Mio. €

EBIT 2021

2,5 Mio. €


Erlebnis Akademie AG
Hafenberg 4
93444 Bad Kötzting
Bayerischer Wald

T +49 9941 / 90 84 84-0
F +49 9941 / 90 84 84-84


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