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Erlebnis Akademie AG offers its customers a unique nature experience by fitting in their treetop walks in a near-natural way into the respective environment, by using predominantly sustainable materials as well as using the already existing infrastructure in popular excursion regions.

In cooperation with renowned partners such as the Bavarian Forest National Park, the Black Forest Nature Park Central/North, the German Federal Foundation for the Environment or the Czech State Forest, Erlebnis Akademie AG, together with its non-profit subsidiary DoNature gGmbH, offers its customers additional environmental education information and services, imparts topic-related expertise and raises visitors' awareness of ecological issues. In this way, Erlebnis Akademie AG contributes to the sustainable development of the biosphere.

Since the founding of the company in 2001, Erlebnis Akademie AG has developed into the leading provider of treetop walks in Germany.

German Federal Environmental Foundation
Black Forest Central / North Nature Park
Bavarian Forest National Park
Czech State Forest
2001-2009 Commencements of eak
2001 Formation of Erlebnis Akademie AG

High rope park in Lam, at that time largest high ropes course in Europe
2004 Adventure course in the Silver Mine Bodenmais
2006 Eak’s first nature high rope park in Schönberg, 80 stations up to 25 meters high
2007 Nature high rope park Waldmünchen, highlight 200-meter-long Flying Fox course
2009-today Leading provider of treetop walks in Germany
2009 Treetop Walk Bavarian Forest (Neuschönau) – as at that time the world's longest walkway

“Tourism Award Bavarian Forest 2009“
2010 “Wood construction prize 2010“ for Treetop Walk Bavarian Forest

“Founder Award Lower Bavaria“ for Treetop Walk Bavarian Forest

Outdoor climbing centre Mitterfels
2011 Bavarian Architecture Award “artouro“ for Treetop Walk Bavarian Forest

Climbing park Straubing
2012 Dragon course in Schönberg
2013 Treetop Walk and Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen (centre with UNESCO award)
2014 Treetop Walk Black Forest (Bad Wildbad)
2016 Treetop Walk Saarschleife
2021 Treetop Walk Usedom
2012-today Europe
2012 Treetop Walk Lipno, first Czech treetop walk (joint venture)
2017 Treetop Walk Krkonoše, second Czech treetop walk (joint venture)
2017 Treetop Walk Bachledka, first Slovak treetop walk (joint venture)
2018 Treetop Walk Salzkammergut, eak's first treetop walk in Austria
2019 Treetop Walk Pohorje, first Slovenian treetop walk (joint venture)
2021 Treetop Walk Alsace, eak's first treetop walk in France
2022 Treetop Walk Avondale, first treetop walk in Ireland (joint venture)
2022 North America
2022 Treetop Walk Laurentides, eak's first treetop walk in Canada

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