Beyond The Trees Avondale is among the 35 best places to visit in the world


Wicklow. If you're planning a trip next year, the "Beyond the Trees Avondale" tree-top walk in Ireland should be on your bucket list. At least, that's what the editors of National Geographic Traveller's magazine think. They list the second newest project in the eak family among the top 35 destinations in the world - "for 2023 and beyond." Describing the Wicklow destination, she says, "A multi-million pound treetop walk is just part of the Irish garden county’s new appeal." 

Wicklow is the Garden of Ireland and packed with mountain trails for hikers and cyclists, stately manors, wild waterfalls and an underrated coastline, National Geopgraphic continues. "As of this year, it’s also home to Ireland’s tallest slide and an exhilarating new walkway that gently ramps up to immerse visitors in the tree canopy itself." Beyond the Trees Avondale is a redesigned experience at Avondale Forest Park, the article states further. The low-barrier treetop trail provides a bird's-eye view of an estate with more than 100 species of trees. "The swirling, 12-storey slide is the centrepiece of a wooden structure shaped like a giant pint of Guinness (the yelps heard from inside come from adults and children alike)," according to the travel magazine.

National Geographic is considered the oldest and most famous nature and knowledge magazine in the world. In this respect, it's no wonder that Adrian McGreevy, head of EAK Ireland, is delighted, saying: "Only number 35 but we will take it!  And we are one of the very few private experiences mentioned in the entire list."

The 38-metre-high observation tower of the Treetop Walk Avondale

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