Die Baumwipfelpfade der Erlebnis Akademie AG

The treetop walks of the company based in the Bavarian Forest are a tribute to nature.

Bad Kötzting, 2021 (bh) –  Erlebnis Akademie AG designs, builds and operates treetop walks nationally and internationally. Characteristic of the company's nature experience facilities are a sustainable wooden construction, a low-barrier walkway through the floors of the forest, play and learning stations, as well as an observation tower at each location that provides new and unique perspectives. In addition to providing an experience for visitors of all ages, Erlebnis Akademie AG's selfimposed ecological educational mission is a key component of the concept. As a specialist for tourist highlights in nature, it creatively implements extraordinary facilities, placing great emphasis on sustainable construction and a barrier-free use for all facilities. The overall concept is designed to promote visitors' sensitivity to the unique natural environment and to enable them to experience it in an interactive way. Individual additional offers at each location complete the concept. 

Picture: Treetop Walk Bavarian Forest
Picture: Treetop Walk Bavarian Forest

Treetop Walk Bavarian Forest

The treetop walk in Neuschönau in the Bavarian Forest National Park was opened in 2009. The predominantly wooden structure is carefully integrated into the mixed mountain forest and conveys an unspoiled experience of nature, which is complemented by mobility and learning stations along the barrier-free walkway. The 1,300-meter-long and up to 25-meter-high footbridge ends on the platform of the observation tower, affectionately called the tree-egg by visitors, at a height of 44 meters and promises a magnificent view on the one hand in the direction of Rachel and Lusen of a settlement-free area with forest and wilderness, and on the other hand of the cultivated cultural landscape of the Bavarian Forest all the way to the Alps. The treetop walk ends at ground level at the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus with its information center. 
Immediately adjacent is the extensive open-air animal enclosure, which is suitable for a full-day excursion in conjunction with the treetop walk. Refreshments are provided by the on-site restaurants Waldwirtschaft and Café Eisenmann. In 2011, the treetop walk in Germany's oldest national park was awarded the artouro prize for outstanding tourist architecture by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs together with the Bavarian Chamber of Architects.


Picture: Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen
Picture: Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen

Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen

In cooperation with the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU), Erlebnis Akademie AG built the Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen with another treetop walk in 2013. The project was officially opened at the DBU Natural Heritage Site Prora by German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. The 40-meter-high tower is the highlight of the 1,250-meter treetop walk and was modeled on the shape of an eagle's nest. Visitors can expect a unique view of the different landscapes of the island of Rügen. With the help of learning stations along the path, nature education becomes an experience for the guests. With a low incline of no more than six percent, this treetop walk is equally suitable for strollers and wheelchair users. At the foot of the facility, the Erlebnis Akademie AG, with financial support from the DBU, built the information center, designed as a passive house, with exciting permanent and traveling exhibitions to deepen the experience through animation and information. Attached are seminar rooms, gastronomy, a beer garden and an adventure playground. The Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen (NEZR) can adorn itself with numerous awards and certificates. Among other things, the center has been recognized by the German UNESCO Commission as a project of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. 
As an additional highlight at the treetop walk in the Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen, the 52-meter tunnel slide, which also invites multiple use at a height of around 19 meters, has been providing excitement for young and old since October 2020. 


Picture: Treetop Walk Black Forest
Picture: Treetop Walk Black Forest

Treetop Walk Black Forest

The third German treetop walk was opened in fall 2014 after a construction period of 14 weeks on the Sommerberg near Bad Wildbad in the Black Forest. After a 1,250-meter-long, barrier-free walkway at up to 20 meters above the forest floor, the Treetop Walk Black Forest culminates in a 40-meter-high observation tower. The main supports of the cup-like tower tilt away from the center point and are also additionally tilted counterclockwise - in short, "slanted and twisted." An optical illusion, as if the tower were leaning. Once at the top, there is a unique view over the hilltops of the northern Black Forest all the way to the Swiss Alps. As an additional highlight, a 55-meter tunnel slide leads rapidly down into the depths. The entrance to the path can be reached on foot via the tranquil hiking trails on the Black Forest heights or by taking the historic Sommerberg cable car. 
Since August 2019, the forest playground "Adventure Forest Sommerberg" has been located right next to the Treetop Walk Black Forest as another attraction. On more than 8,000 m², more than 20 varied as well as exciting play and learning stations await young and old. The forest playground is wonderfully integrated into the forest and offers fun for the whole family. 



Picture: Treetop Walk Saarschleife
Picture: Treetop Walk Saarschleife

Treetop Walk Saarschleife

Erlebnis Akademie AG's fourth treetop walk in Germany is located on the famous Saarschleife in the municipality of Mettlach in the spa town of Orscholz. Its gates have been open to visitors since July 2016. At a height of up to 23 meters above the forest floor, the walkway winds through the unspoiled nature at the Orscholzer Cloef in Saarland. Through the forest and past clearings, the 1,250-meter-long, barrier-free walkway leads up into the mighty peaks. Above the Cloef, after 790 meters, the path leads to a 42-meter high observation tower - the trademark of all treetop walks of Erlebnis Akademie AG. In a spiral shape, the path in the tower leads up to lofty heights, its unique architecture modeled on the reflection of the Saarschleife. Above the majestic treetops, it offers its visitors a unique view of the Saarschleife, the hills of the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park and, if visibility is good, as far as the French Vosges. A trip to the Treetop Walk Saarschleife can be combined with a visit to the Villeroy & Boch Experience Center in Mettlach, a boat tour on the Saar River or a visit to the Völklingen Ironworks World Heritage Site. Since June 2020, there is also a forest playground at this location. The Adventure Forest Saarschleife is located in the immediate vicinity of the Treetop Walk Saarschleife and houses 20 exciting play and learning stations embedded in the forest and close to nature on an area of more than 7,000 m². 



Picture: Treetop Walk Usedom
Picture: Treetop Walk Usedom

Treetop Walk Usedom

The fifth German treetop walk of Erlebnis Akademie AG is located in Heringsdorf on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom and has been providing locals and holidaymakers with special high-altitude experiences since 1st of June 2021. At a height of up to 23 metres the sustainable adventure trail leads through the different levels of the forest. Over a path length of 1,350 metres, the accessible walkway provides interesting information about environmental education and the region through numerous learning stations. Activity stations with exciting balancing elements at lofty heights invite you to join in. As you walk up to the treetops, unique perspectives of the island of Usedom open up, which already give you a small foretaste of the view from the approx. 33-metre-high, square observation tower. From hereb there is a unique view over the Baltic Sea. A special highlight is the 50 m² walk-on net on the top platform of the tower. An entrance hall with shop, gastronomy and beer garden completes the overall offer of the Treetop Walk Usedom.


Picture: Treetop Walk Lipno (CZ)
Picture: Treetop Walk Lipno (CZ)

Treetop Walk Lipno (CZ)

At a height of 40 meters, you can enjoy the view from the tower of the first Czech treetop walk on Kramolin Mountain in Lipno nad Vltavou over the Šumava National Park and Lake Vltava. The 675-meter treetop walk was officially opened in July 2012 in the presence of then Czech President Václav Klaus. The ninecornered tower offers the possibility of a fast slide in one of the longest tunnel slides in the Czech Republic. Along the treetop walk, educational stations provide information about the local flora and fauna. Adventure stations, equipped with various balancing devices, provide thrills for young and old visitors. The path is barrier-free and therefore accessible to all. In the immediate vicinity of the path, a unique forest playground called the " Forest Kingdom" awaits visitors with numerous attractions and play elements. Lipno nad Vltavou itself is located only 50 kilometers from each of the cities of Linz and Budweis and is a very popular vacation destination in the Czech Republic.   


Picture: Treetop Walk Krkonoše (CZ)
Picture: Treetop Walk Krkonoše (CZ)

Treetop Walk Krkonoše (CZ)

In Janské Lázně (Johannisbad) in the Krkonoše National Park, the second treetop walk in the Czech Republic was opened in July 2017. After a walk along the 1,500-meter-long path, visitors can enjoy a unique view of the national park from the 45-meter-high observation tower. In an extraordinary root cave, the lowest level of the forest can be explored in a 150m² room. An 80-meter tunnel slide completes the offer. Like the other treetop walks of Erlebnis Akademie AG, the path in Janské Lázně is designed to be barrier-free and thus also suitable for wheelchair users and families with strollers. A hike in the Krkonoše National Park or a winter excursion to the Černá hora ski resort is also worthwhile around the path. 


Picture: Treetop Walk Bachledka (SK)
Picture: Treetop Walk Bachledka (SK)

Treetop Walk Bachledka (SK)

In the Slovakian part of the High Tatras, near the village of Bachledova Dolina, Slovakia's first treetop walk opened in September 2017. With a total length of 1,234 meters, the trail culminates in a 32-meter-high observation tower that provides a 360-degree view of the world's smallest high mountain range, the Slovakian lowlands south of the Tatras, and the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. For the first time, the complete course of the facility is visible from the tower platform, as it winds continuously through the mixed mountain forest at treetop level or above. Spectacular is the 75m² walkable net in the middle of the tower top, which promises even deeper insights. Learning and hands-on stations and a tunnel slide with a length of 67 meters complete the excursion to the Treetop Walk Bachledka. In all seasons, a visit can be combined with other experiences, whether to the nearby aqua parks or to one of the numerous ski resorts. 
As an additional attraction to the Treetop Walk Bachledka, the adventure playground Forest Kingdom Bachledka (Kralovstvo lesa Bachledka) was built. Of around 5,000 square meters, over 20 different types of playground equipment and interactive learning stations await visitors of all ages.



Picture: Treetop Walk Salzkammergut (AT)
Picture: Treetop Walk Salzkammergut (AT)

Treetop Walk Salzkammergut (AT)

In July 2018, the Treetop Walk Salzkammergut on the Grünberg in Gmunden opened its doors. Already along the walkway, which is up to 21 meters high, spectacular views of the Traunstein, Lake Traunsee and the municipality of Gmunden with Schloss Ort are made possible. Once on the 39-meter-high observation tower, the foothills of the Alps and the Salzkammergut region are also right in front of the visitor's eyes. As with all Erlebnis Akademie AG trails, the focus here is also on education, so numerous play and learning stations on the subject of nature and the environment complement the range of the barrier-free wooden construction. In 2019, the Treetop Walk Salzkammergut was enriched by an attraction: a 75-meter tunnel slide, which is located inside the observation tower, promises additional action.


Picture: Treetop Walk Pohorje (SI)
Picture: Treetop Walk Pohorje (SI)

Treetop Walk Pohorje (SI)

In the heart of Pohorje (Bacher Mountains), the densely forested low mountain range in northern Slovenia, the first treetop walk in Slovenia (Zreče / Rogla) was opened in September 2019. The architecturally sophisticated wooden structure southwest of Maribor includes an imposing 37-meterhigh observation tower in a nine-cornered layout, from whose platform large parts of Slovenia are visible, as well as a 1,043-meter-long walkway that winds between the treetops of primeval trees. Along the path there are learning and activity stations, which provide the young and old visitors with interesting information about the surroundings, nature and the environment and make the heart beat a little faster when crossing some wobbly elements at a dizzy height. Once you have left the stations behind, a real highlight awaits the visitor. High up on the observation tower of the Treetop Walk Pohorje in Slovenia, the view is literally limitless. The view sweeps across dense forests to the Julian Alps, and even neighboring foreign countries appear on the horizon. The treetop walk owes its unique panorama to its location at an altitude of over 1,500 meters - here, nature is viewed from a bird's eye view! Since June 2020, a 62-meter tunnel slide inside the tower complements the Treetop Walk Pohorje. 


Picture: Treetop Walk Alsace (FR)
Picture: Treetop Walk Alsace (FR)

Treetop Walk Alsace (FR)

On 22th of May 2021, the Treetop Walk Alsace opened its doors in the French town of Drachenbronn. With a walkway length (including tower ramp) of 1,050 meters and a tower height of 29 meters, the wooden construction blends in perfectly with nature. As one of the highest points along the foothills of the Vosges, the observation tower offers a unique 360° view over the Rhine plain, the Black Forest and the Northern Vosges. Several learning and activity stations as well as a slide inside the tower provide excitement and entertainment. In addition, a building with entrance and exit to the treetop walk, a merchandise shop and a restaurant with winter garden and terrace area as well as a free shuttle train that runs from the large parking lot to the entrance area of the adventure facility, are part of the all-round offer of the treetop walk.


Listed Company 
Since December 2015, Erlebnis Akademie AG has been listed on the m:access segment of the Munich Stock Exchange. Erlebnis Akademie AG stands out from its competitors not only because of its unique design and many years of expertise. The unique and individual design of the various facilities, on all treetop walks, as well as a renowned network of partners and experts also contribute to the company's optimal market position. In addition, Erlebnis Akademie AG has an attractive international project pipeline and is aiming for a balanced relationship between growth and returns in the coming years. Annual new openings and further project plans in Germany and abroad speak for the success of the company. 

Erlebnis Akademie AG is not only operating in Germany, but is also striving to expand internationally. Projects abroad are realized via subsidiaries, often with partners in the form of a joint venture. Worldwide project plans are the focus of Erlebnis Akademie AG. 

The Managing Directors
Bernd Bayerköhler, spokesman of the board, holds a degree in business administration with a focus on tourism and is responsible for marketing, sales, operations and project management as well as investor relations. Christoph Blaß holds a degree in economics and, as Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for investment, financing, merchandise management, financial accounting, cost accounting, controlling, operating statistics and investor relations. Both are jointly responsible for the development and implementation of corporate strategy and investment and innovation management. 

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