Erlebnis Akademie AG in the first nine months of 2020 with sales at previous year's level


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  • Very good third quarter compensates for Corona-related sales decline in the first six months
  • Group sales of EUR 13.38 million in the first nine months of 2020 (previous year EUR 13.55 million)
  • Second lockdown is expected to have less impact due to seasonality
  • Forecast: A positive consolidated net profit is expected for the year 2020 
  • 2021 with two new locations and one additional Adventure Forest

Bad Kötzting, 17 November 2020 – Erlebnis Akademie AG today published its figures for the third quarter of 2020 and, according to them, achieved consolidated sales at the same level as last year of 13.38 million euros (-1.2 %).  Operating earnings (EBIT) amounted to EUR 3.03 million, compared to EUR 3.07 million in the previous year. On the level of the AG, eak achieved a turnover of 7.52 million Euros in the first nine months after 7.53 million Euros in the same period of 2019 and an EBIT of 1.26 million Euros after 1.15 million Euros in the previous year. 

"In the course of 2020 as a whole, the third quarter was so far the first and only one in which there were no restrictions on opening hours at our locations," reports Christoph Blaß, CFO of Erlebnis Akademie AG. "Accordingly, we are delighted that the months of July to September alone have compensated for the decline in sales in the first six months, caused by the temporary Corona-related closures. For us, this is an absolutely positive sign for the future growth opportunities in the market for nature-based leisure facilities".

Erlebnis Akademie AG is now the leading provider of tree top trails in Germany and abroad, with nine locations, some of which include supplementary facilities such as large Adventure Forests and catering facilities. Two further tree top trails of the Erlebnis Akademie AG are currently under construction, including the fifth location in Germany (Usedom) and the first in France (Alsace). Both locations will open in spring 2021.

Bernd Bayerköhler, CEO of Erlebnis Akademie AG: "In addition to the two new 2021 locations, we are also continuing to plan expansion options at established locations. We have had very good experience with the Adventure Forests as additional sales drivers and will increase our range in this area in the medium term. For the coming year, we are planning to add one further Adventure Forest. Our project pipeline continues to be well filled and, with a perspective for 2022, we have the chance - depending, of course, on further developments in the pandemic - to launch up to six additional facilities (treetop walks and Adventure Forests) in addition to our three new openings next year (two treetop walks and one Adventure Forest).

Erlebnis Akademie was able to start the fourth quarter well in October, especially in Germany, where visitor numbers rose by 10.0% compared to October. Due to the second lockdown, all German locations were again closed to visitors at the beginning of November 2020. In Eastern Europe, all locations had to be successively closed in October due to the lockdown measures there, although the Bachledka location has since reopened on 15 November 2020. The second lockdown in November/December will not hit the company as hard as it did in spring due to seasonal effects. In the months of November and December together, only about 5% of the annual visitors are generated on average.

"The winter closure is of course not ideal for us. Nevertheless, we are expecting a positive consolidated annual result for the current financial year, but are currently unable to make a serious quantitative forecast due to the uncertain planning situation caused by Corona," says Christoph Blaß. "By spring 2021 at the latest, we expect a return to full operation of the sites. With the other new sites and the additional revenue from Adventure Forests and catering, we expect a very good business year 2021".


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