Erlebnis Akademie Annual General Meeting: Shareholders support the company's course with retention of profits to support growth


Bad Kötzting, August 12, 2022 – At yesterday's Annual General Meeting of Erlebnis Akademie AG, the Management Board and Supervisory Board again received strong approval from shareholders for the company's strategy and orientation, which is now also aimed at the international market outside Europe. All items on the agenda for resolution were approved by a large majority.

"We are very pleased about the great support from shareholders, especially given that we now have two difficult Corona years behind us, which slowed us down somewhat in terms of development. All the more pleasing for us is the great backing from investors, and the prospects for the current fiscal year, with two new locations and an expansion in Alsace with the addition of a large adventure forest, are good."

In addition to ratifying the actions of the Management Board and Supervisory Board as well as the election of the auditor for fiscal year 2022, the shareholders also approved the joint proposal for the appropriation of profits by the Management and Supervisory Boards. Accordingly, the accumulated profit 2021 in the amount of 5,362,134.89 Euros will be carried forward to new account and left in the company to further secure liquidity and for future investments in new projects.

Erlebnis Akademie AG opened two new locations in 2022 - one treetop walk each in Ireland (end of June) and Canada (end of July). In addition, an expansion was created at the Treetop Walk Alsace by an adventure playground. This makes the company the world's leading provider in this area, with currently 13 treetop walks (five of them in Germany) and four Adventure Forests.


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