Erlebnis Akademie AG closes 2021 with satisfactory sales development despite massive pandemic restrictions and launches three new projects in 2022


Erlebnis Akademie AG

Bad Kötzting, 09 May 2022 – According to preliminary figures, Erlebnis Akademie generated consolidated sales of EUR 14.6 million in 2021, compared with EUR 14.9 million in the previous year (-2.37%), despite more severe restrictions than in 2020. Both 2021 and the benchmark year 2020 were strongly influenced by the long-lasting Corona-related site closures - however until September 30, 2021 only, with 220 additional closing days compared to the previous year 2020. In terms of preliminary consolidated operating profit (EBIT) 2021, EAK generated 2.5 million euros compared to 1.8 million euros in the previous year (+45.14 %). According to preliminary figures, EBITDA was €6.9 million, up 20.6% from €5.7 million in 2020. At the level of the corporation, which comprises the German business, Erlebnis Akademie generated sales of 9.6 million euros (+9.75 %) compared to 8.8 million euros in the previous year and an EBIT of 1.3 million euros compared to 0.8 million euros in 2020 (+74.37 %). EBITDA was €3.7 million compared to €2.6 million in the previous year (+42.16%). The scheduled reduction of the shares in Chodnik Korunami Stromu (CHKS) from previously 66% to now 49% had a positive effect on EAK's result. 

More information in the detailed press release:

Press release 09.05.2022


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