Start of construction for eak's first treetop walk in Canada

Good news from Laurentides! After a Covid19-related break, planning for the first treetop walk in the Canadian province of Québec will be resumed.

Both on the side of EAK Tree Top Walks inc., which is responsible for the construction of the treetop walk including the tower as well as the interior work of the main building, and on the side of the «MRC des Laurentides», which is responsible for the renovation of the building facades as well as for further work concerning the reopening of the former fish farm area, the plans have been concretized in the last weeks.

For EAK Tree Top Walks inc., the realization of the future tourist attraction, which is planned to commence in April, will initially start with ground work and foundation work for the path and tower. The production of the necessary treetop walk components will take place in the summer, as will the construction of the entrance tower to the path. For autumn, EAK Tree Top Walks inc. is planning the interior construction of the main building: On three floors, a restaurant, a service area with entrance to the treetop walk and store as well as a floor with offices will be built. This will be followed, towards the beginning of next year, by the actual assembly of the path and tower.

The ongoing planning as well as the construction works are carried out in close cooperation with local companies, architects and engineers as well as local authorities. For example, Marie-Eve Labelle of PLA architectes inc. - as lead architect - is overseeing the conversion of the buildings and construction supervision for the path. Michel Labelle of the company LH2 is providing engineering services such as structural analysis calculations. Both companies are based in Mont-Tremblant, in the immediate vicinity of the future construction site. Maxime Bergeron and the company Ultimateck from Boisbriand are designated as general contractors for the construction of the path and tower. All other negotiations with construction companies have also almost been completed.

For the MRC des Laurentides, the renovation of the buildings and the adaptation of the old fish farm site for this new life with the implementation of the treetop walk will be ongoing this summer and autumn. This project allows to preserve the historic heritage of the site.

The main stakeholders, EAK Tree Top Walks inc., which is investing approximately 10 million Canadian dollars in the project, and the MRC, which is participating with an investment of approximately 4 million Canadian dollars, are extremely satisfied with the progress made, as are the other stakeholders.

Provided all implementations can be realized as planned, the opening of the first treetop walk in Canada will take place in early summer 2022. After opening, the treetop walk and the entire site of the former fish farm are to become an attractive attraction with added value for visitors. With a path length of 1,250 meters and a tower height of approximately 40 meters, the wooden construction will blend in perfectly with nature. As a special highlight, the observation tower will offer a unique 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape and the Laurentide mountains once it is completed. Learning and experience stations, a restaurant, a store and the historical area round off the overall offer and represent a unique excursion destination with nature experience character in Canada.

Together in a promising future

«We are very proud to give a second life to the historic site of the former fish farm of Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré through the implementation of the Treetop walk. The «MRC des Laurentides» worked with patience and perseverance to find the right vocation in order to preserve a public access to the site while generating income to ensure the renovation of the heritage buildings and ensure profitable economic activity» mentions Marc L'heureux, Warden of the MRC des Laurentides.

«We are very pleased to continue planning for our first overseas treetop walk in Canada and look forward to seeing how a very special nature experience facility is created in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré during the coming months, that combines education and experience in nature, encourages the protection of the environment and thus contributes to the sustainable development» adds Bernd Bayerköhler, CEO of EAK Tree Top Walk Inc.

You can find more information on the Treetop Walk Laurentides.

The press release is also available for download in PDF format.

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Erlebnis Akademie AG (eak) is one of Europe's leading providers (construction and operation) of nature-based leisure facilities with nature and environmental education elements. It was founded in 2001 in Bad Kötzting / Bavarian Forest as an AG (public limited company) and has been listed on the m:access of the Munich Stock Exchange since December 2015. In Germany, it currently operates four treetop walks: in the Bavarian Forest (2009), on Rügen including the Natural Heritage Center (2013), in the Black Forest (2014) and at the Saarschleife (2016). In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it is involved in a joint venture in the treetop walks in Lipno (2012), in the Krkonoše Mountains (2017) and in the High Tatras (2017). The company maintains an eighth and ninth treetop walk in the Austrian Salzkammergut region on Grünberg Mountain in Gmunden (2018) and in Rogla, Slovenia (2019). Eak's other recreational facilities include the Sommerberg Adventure Forest adjacent to the Treetop Walk Black Forest and the Adventure Forest Saarschleife adjacent to the treetop walk of the same name in Saarland. Additional projects at home and abroad are in the planning stage.

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